The SIGN by Dr.Jordan Plotnek

Episode Summary

Dr.Jordan Plotnek from CI-ISAC Australia about critical impact of space cybersecurity on daily life of civilians.

Episode Notes

There are more than 8.000 satellites floating in the space and normal life flow on the Earth is more than dependent on work and security of those satellites. 

On this podcast Dr. Jordan Plotnek, Space Sector Technical Lead for CI-ISAC Australia, shares the latest news about global space sector, invites to get attached to the 1st Australian Cyber Space Forum,  and highlights the importance of raising awareness  about developments in the space domain. 

Dr. Jordan Plotnek holds PhD in space systems security and resilience in the University of South Australia. The main focus of Jordan Plotnek is space security, critical infrastructure resilience, and cyber-physical conflict. 

Hosts of the podcast: 

Olga Nasibullina - Сo-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of TheSIGN.Media. 

Tatiana Skydan - Co-Founder & Creative Producer at TheSIGN.Media. 

TheSIGN.Media is a digital media outlet dedicated to cybersecurity on Earth and in the Space. Official launch in October 2023.

Episode was recorded in September 2023.

Sound production by The Podcast Bar.